“Then the men of Israel took some of their provisions, but did not seek the Lord’s counsel.”

Joshua 9:14 HCSB


The Lord instructed the Israelites to conquer and destroy all the inhabitants of the land, but the Gibeonites were deceptive.  What I find interesting is that the Israelites, including Joshua, did not inquire of the Lord.  It is easy for me to say this was a mistake, and how could they be so foolish, but then I look at myself and know that I have no room to judge.  I do not inquire of the Lord unless things get dire – and that is usually because I didn’t seek after Him in the first place.

Another thing I found interesting about this is that He did not hold them accountable for this.  I expected the Lord to say they sinned by not coming to Him, but the sin would have been had they known these were their neighbors and they had gone against the Lord’s will deliberately.  They were foolish to make a treaty without consulting the Lord, but sometimes foolishness and sin are two different things.

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